Friday, September 12, 2008

Why is life so busy?

No matter who I talk to these days it seems the standard answer I get when I ask how they're doing is, "Busy". Life is just busy-there are things to do, places to go and people to take care of. That doesn't even include the mental business we engage in when we have a constant stream of thoughts running through our head when we're trying to plan, organize, and get ready for whatever might come our way. I had a great visit with a friend today who has three kids and I know life is busy for her yet she took the time to come over and say hi and see our new place. Thank you. It allowed me to stop and smell the flowers you so graciously brought us.

What I know for myself is that I can sometimes get lost in the business of it all and it usually takes something like getting sick to slow me down.
Not this time!!! I am choosing to slow down this weekend by saying "NO" to many things I don't like doing and saying "YES" to things I sometimes don't make time for. To get into a perspective that allows me to do this I have to think when it's all said and done, when it's over will I really care that I always got the laundry done on Saturday or that the floor was clean? Or, will I care more about the relationships I nurtured, the good times I shared, and the fun I had. SIMPLE.

I encourage you to say "NO" to a few things you don't like doing--that will create some space to allow you to do something fun instead.
Dream big. Imagine. Be inspired.
Good night.

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