Monday, September 29, 2008

Hello Monday

Wow. I haven't posted for quite a while and that's only because we were AS SICK AS DOGS around here for the last week. So, this week is about getting back to a somewhat normal routine and feeling good again.

We did get up to a few fun things such as going to Crossroads Market and stocking up on yummy fresh veggies plus lots of walks in the park and we even watched a few cute movies (Son of Rambow & Eagle vs. Shark).

It was on one of these walks that I began to think about what my BIG DREAMS are and I realized so much of what I wanted has happened that I need to start dreaming again. So, my challenge is to come up with at least 30 big dreams, things that would be beyond my wildest dreams if they actually happened (ie. own a ski chalet in the Swiss Alps--you get the idea). If you can't even imagine it, you can't create it--so it all starts with really thinking about what you want. So I'm going to spend some time daydreaming and I think you should too. Think about what you want for yourself in both your personal and profesional life. AND, don't let that little voice in your head tell you that you "can't afford it" or whatever else it might like to say--you're daydreaming and you're the only one invited. Have fun.

Dream big. Imagine. Be inspired.

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