Monday, September 8, 2008


I love this picture! I found it on the shutter sisters blog and I realized how totally tired I am and how much I look forward to my favorite caffeinated drink in the morning. August was a rough month and I think it's all catching up with me and that's OK, in fact, it's necessary. In the last 6 weeks we sold our house, put my best 4-legged friend of 12 years down, bought a new house, moved, transitioned from being on "vacation" mode to "back at work" mode and I've been struggling at keeping up with all of the change. What I know is that I need to create some structure for myself and set some goals for the fall. Goals? Yes. Specific, achievable, fun goals. Once I know what they are I'll post them. For me this is when I take the time to dream big, imagine, and be inspired -- that's what it's about. LIVE.

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