Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Celebartion & Good Fortune

Tonight we celebrated. Why? Why not. There's been a ton that we've done in the last few weeks and it just seemed like a good night to stop being "busy" and relax and enjoy. What that entailed for us was popping the bottle of champagne our Realtor brought us when we bought our house, ordering Chinese Food and sitting in the back yard talking while the sun went down. Beautiful. It's my personal opinion that we (North Americans) don't celebrate enough things in our lives. I like celebrations. It's a chance to reflect on what we've done and the strides we've made in getting closer to our big dreams.

Thankfully it looks like more good fortune is coming my way (see above, crappy picture-I know, but that's not the point). I'm all for taking a journey to a place far away AND to having a good time after a hard day's work. Thankfully I didn't get my husband's fortune. It said something like, "Something you've lost will soon be found." I'd just assume that would be my mind--HA.

What could you celebrate in your life? What have you done or accomplished that would be celebration worthy?
Pick something and plan something special for yourself. You're worth it.


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