Thursday, September 11, 2008

Making the world a little bit greener--one step at a time

I am officially in love with my brand new environmentally friendly, coffee-to-go cup.  It proved today that it can keep coffee hot and withstand being thrown 8 ft by a toddler and not leak or chip.  I hate it when I end up getting coffee and use a "to-go" paper cup. I always look at the line up of people and then think about the 9000 stores that exist worldwide and if the average Starbucks serves 100 people/day (probably a low estimate) that's 900 000 paper cups being put into garbages around the world every day. And that's just STARBUCKS! Then there are 3000 Tim Horton's, however many Second Cups, a bazillion independent coffee shops---how many trees are sacrificed to make paper cups and how much landfill space do they take up?  My new commitment to the earth is that if I don't have my fabulous new coffee-to-go cup with me, I can't buy coffee. Simple.  So that's my rant.  If you drink coffee go buy a nice "to-go" cup. You'll feel good about yourself and help the planet out a little bit too.

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