Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sweet Surprises -- Happy Valentine's Day

Nothing is better than a surprise! I was surprised with dinner out at one of our favorite Indian restaurants last night for an early Valentine's treat. The babysitter was booked, reservations were made and I didn't know a thing about it. It was the first time that Mat and I have been out together, alone since Jake was born. That's 20 months ago...definitely long overdue. BUT, I get to surprise Mat with yummy brownies and a little Valentine's prezzie that I know he'll love.

Things have been very busy and very good around here lately. I will soon be a regular contributor to a new online health and fitness magazine (not yet launched but I'll keep you posted), arrangements are in the works for a very cool and very fun workshop for first time expectant parents, the first edition of my newsletter will be sent out shortly and I've got some great new clients to work with.

Jake has been super fun and as soon as I figure out how to post video clips I'll post one of the funniest ones I have of him.
I've also discovered one of the coolest sites around:
You describe the kind of project you need done (ie. newsletter, flyer, brochure, website, e-book, etc.) and indicate the maximum price you're willing to pay and then it's like a reverse auction. Coders from around the world bid on your project and you get to decide who you want to work with. Very cool for people like me who have no design skills!

So, what's up for this week? Hopefully a little get away to Canmore with my Mom and Jake for two nights, a birthday celebration and lots of exercise!

Dream big. Imagine. Be inspired.

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