Thursday, January 8, 2009

Where'd the last 2 months go???

Wow! I'm not too sure how to start this blog off after taking another big break. Where did the last two months go anyways? They seemed to spin by in a whirlwind around here. Combine being pregnant, Christmas, planning a massive renovation on our home, trying to find a new place to live and that about explains what I've been up to! That and enjoying all of the awesome things winter brings-like taking my 19 month old tobogganing!

I've also had to figure out a few things--like why am I writing this blog and who am I writing to anyways? A) Clients B) Family C) Friends or D) All of the above

What I've finally decided is that I'm writing this blog for me--it's about my life and my experiences. That means it's going to be about being an entrepreneur AND a stay at home mom, it's going to be about challenges I face and successes I experience. It's also about what I'm learning along the way in this awesome adventure called life.

Dream Big. Imagine. Be Inspired.

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