Monday, May 18, 2009


The literal translation of incommunicado is that one is in a state or condition where one is unable or unwilling to communicate (adverb) OR a manner in which communication with outsiders is not possible for either voluntary or involuntary reasons, especially due to confinement or reclusiveness (adjective). Which one is true for me this past month? It's not that I'm unable or unwilling or confined but perhaps I have chosen to be a bit reclusive....? Maybe. With so much on the go I'm choosing to savor the quiet, non-busy moments which seem few and far between but they are there and I need them. I like them.

Check out this egg free chocolate chip oatmeal cookie recipe I found on! We tested it in our kitchen today and they're awesome. I think it's fantastic as who doesn't love to eat cookie dough? I know I do and Jake does too but I always worry about the fact that there's raw egg in the dough and we could get sick. Now I don't even need to think twice--yum.
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I love this photo!! Talk about a child's true ability to be gentle and generous and love themself. How great it would be if this was sustained throughout our entire life--what would be possible?

Dream big. Imagine. Be inspired.

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