Monday, July 13, 2009

4 Weeks Ago Today

Wow. A lot has happened in my life lately. It's hard to believe that 4 weeks ago I was this pregnant!! I remember feeling so uncomfortable and so ready to meet this little baby of ours.

On June 15th I got my wish! Olivia Carol Powter was born at 8:07am in our home. I had a water birth and the experience was truly everything that I wanted it to be. Peaceful, gentle, calm and so completely natural.

Then, three days later we moved! I've promised myself to never do anything like that again. We've lived in chaos for the last few weeks complicated by the loss of our phone and internet services for two weeks. I can't lie-it's been crazy and overwhelming yet somehow we've gotten through it.

I'm bleary eyed as I write this. Nothing prepared me for how busy life would be with two little ones. I'm loving every minute of it AND still feel like if given the chance I could fall asleep for 10 years. My to do list is a mile long but I'm trying to be patient with myself. Getting this posting done is one thing I can tick off, next will be updating my website with new fall workshop and retreat dates--very exciting so check back to see what I've got planned.

I feel so lucky to have two amazing children and a very incredible husband. My goal is to try and get enough sleep and exercise so that I can resemble the woman that I know I am and not the sleep deprived crazy grouch that has sometimes shown her face! I also think that our household is about to become a lot more structured. I'll keep you posted on what it's like to be an WAHM (Work At Home Mom) with a two year old and a 4 week old. Yikes.

I also had the opportunity to write an article for Prema Sai's Wholistic Living Magazine, check out page 20. It's all about how to keep your relationship alive and thriving when you bring baby home--pass it along to anyone you know is pregnant and tell them to check out my workshop for expectant couples!

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes AND for beign so patient with me to get back to blogging. My goal is to be much more consistent so we'll see how things go.

Dream big. Imagine. Be inspired.


Jess Webb said...

Hey Jennifer;
Just dropped by to check out your website after connecting with you on the Escaping Mediocrity blog and wanted to say BEAUTIFUL pictures! :)


Emiley said...

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