Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Balance, Life and Courage

BALANCE. This is a word I hear a lot in my business as everyone seems to be trying to achieve it and yet never feels like they're quite there yet. For me, balance is something that needs to be looked at in the overall big picture because trying to achieve it on a day-to-day just doesn't seem to fly on my end. Some days are super hectic, crazy busy and then others are slow and calm. Some months are crazier than others and it seems like it might just be that way with years too. We're in a crazy period right now and I'm Ok with it. I choose to be Ok with it. In fact, everything I've done has actually created my life to be this way right now--so really, I just have to laugh and go with the flow.

COURAGE. I love the boldness of nature. I love it when the buds start to form on the trees--they take a risk that there won't be anymore snow and they just go for it. It's like they know that if things don't work out this year then they'll just have to try again next year but it's worth trying. If you don't try things you don't get anywhere at all, there's no growth. I'm trying a lot of things right now and I've decided to stay curious about the outcome rather than attached to an expectation of how I hope things "might be". It feels safer that way.

Other news: If you're up and awake tomorrow morning check out Global am news @ 7:20am and Breakfast TV between 9-10am--I'll be on and speaking about the upcoming workshops I'm facilitating for expectant parents. Very fun.

Dream big. Imagine. Be inspired.

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