Monday, March 16, 2009

Some days are easier than others...

Today was just one of those days where things didn't really roll smoothly and I have to admit, IT GOT TO ME! I had an appointment at the bank with a business adviser and had to bring Jake with me which I imagined wouldn't be a big deal. I'd bring a few toys and Jake would play nicely in the office while I "talked business". NOPE. Instead, Jake threw a full-fledged tantrum in the middle of the hallway and people came out to stare, I mean close their doors. Nothing says "professional" like bringing your toddler to a business appointment--lesson learned! You may ask, why didn't you just get someone to watch him??? My answer: LIKE WHO???

It's experiences like these that are clearly helping me realize I need to start asking for help or paying for help. More on that later. Luckily, a trip to the store to get some "puddle boots" helped make everything right in the world for all of us. Thank you Mat

Life is definitely feeling FULL these days and between being a WAHM (I just learned this acronym, it means Work At Home Mom) and planning a fantastic new workshop in Calgary for expectant couples and starting a group coaching program for moms in April, I'm also 6 months pregnant and living in a small state of chaos in a rental home while our real home undergoes massive renovations. I'M LEARING TO BREATHE AND TAKE ONE STEP AT A TIME...because that's all I can really do, right? My life is an adventure. I choose to see it that way AND I also choose to make it that way. How are you choosing to see and live your life?

Dream big. Imagine. Be inspired.

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